Why Pick Zupe as Your Database Consulting
Service Provider?
  • Ensure application availability

    Zupe consulting experts can transform your database into an always on, always available business asset – on premise, or in the cloud.

  • Support and services for multiple databases

    Zupe provides unbiased best-of-breed expertise in the top databases, including Oracle , Microsoft SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB and PostgreSQL.

  • Prevent Costly Crashes from Happening

    Zupe consultants will quickly locate data issues and recommend solutions so that your Dev Team can focus on your business goals, not handling emergencies.

  • Recommend architecture and design improvements

    Zupe consulting provides design recommendations for performance, availability, functionality, resilience, and future capacity.

Database Expertise

  • MySQL Consulting
  • Microsoft SQL Consulting
  • AWS DBaaS Consulting
  • Azure DBaaS Consulting
  • Oracle Database Consulting

Find your best cloud strategy

Is your open source cloud database environment the right fit for your application and enterprise needs? Zupe experts can help you match your business goals to your backend strategy.

Expertise  Flexibility  Delivered  by  DBA  Consultants -

Keep cloud costs in check, maximize ROI

With open source cloud databases, it’s easy to spin up new instances. Are you spending too much on your environment? How do you know? Let Zupe determine if there are ways to save you money by optimising your deployment.

Expertise  Flexibility  Delivered  by  DBA  Consultants -

Find the best cloud provider for your applications

Zupe provides unbiased best-of-breed expertise in multiple open source databases and cloud providers. Our expertise with the major cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure) give specific insight into what works best, and when. We are unbiased experts that will always provide the best advice for your applications.

Expertise  Flexibility  Delivered  by  DBA  Consultants -

Achieve optimal cloud database performance

Are you getting the best performance out of your applications? Can your open source cloud database environment help increase application performance? Zupe experts can make sure to design and architect your back-end infrastructure to meet the needs of dynamic, data-driven applications.

Expertise  Flexibility  Delivered  by  DBA  Consultants -

Access enterprise-class cloud support 24x7x365

Zupe database consulting team has sound experience in managing Oracle , MS-SQL ,MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB and PostgreSQL. We also support all major cloud vendors including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, including managed DBaaS platforms. By working with the major cloud providers, we leverage both our own knowledge and theirs to get the best solutions for your applications.

Expertise  Flexibility  Delivered  by  DBA  Consultants -

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We support your evolving Data Management Platforms

  • Oracle-Database
  • SQL-Server
  • MySQL
  • PostGres
  • AWS
  • GoogleCloudPlatform
  • Azure