Well-Architected Review Framework

is a collaborative analysis of your application stacks with focus on the following five pillars

  • Operational Excellence

    Enable the correct actions that match your resources to deliver the desired outcomes.

  • Security

    Ensure that your business is secure in the cloud.

  • Reliability

    Assure resilience and responsiveness in case of unplanned events.

  • Performance Efficiency

    Let the cloud automatically adapt to your business needs.

  • Cost Optimisation

    Prevent waste and reduce the costs to your business on AWS.

Benefits of being Well Architected

  • Mitigate technology risks before they happen

  • Confirm cloud architecture best practices

  • Well-architected systems increase business success

  • Continuous compliance and improvement

  • Build and deploy faster

  • Ensure apps are based on proven cloud principles

Well-Architected Engagement



Attend a four hour collaboration review



Receive Improvements Plan Report



Implement Report recommendations



Improve workloads, reduce risk & cost



Work where you can explore your passions & nurture your talents with the best experience to develop amazing projects using top technologies.

(0-1 month)

Short Term

Resolve areas identified as critical

(1-3 months)

Medium Term

Address items identified as improvement needed

(3-6 months)

Long Term

Review for continuous compliance and risk reduction

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